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  • [[Image:Ss Peter and Paul Church.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Ss. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church]] '''Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church''' is a [[parish]] in the [[Diocese of Washington and New Y
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  • '''St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church''' in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is a [[parish]] of the [[OCA]] ...e Gage Park area of Chicago, to be eventually known as ''St. Peter and St. Paul Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church''. The first membership mee
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  • #REDIRECT [[St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church (Burr Ridge, Illinois)]]
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  • ...PCathSP.JPG|Right|thumb|200px|Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral in the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia.]] ...of the Neva River. The [[cathedral]] was built under the direction of Tsar Peter I in the early eighteenth century and became the burial place for members o
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  • ...aly)-facade.jpg|right|thumb|275px|Facade of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Naples, Italy.]] The Greek Orthodox '''Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Naples, Italy''' ({{el icon}}: '''Ἱερός Ναός Ἁγίων Ἀπ
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  • [[File:Bramblechurch_side.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church (2015)]] [[File:BrambleChurch_sign.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Ss. Peter & Paul Sign]]
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  • ...postolic Church: What Evangelicals Should Know about Eastern Orthodoxy] by Paul Negrut ([ The Christian Research Institute], Statement **A more strident response from Rdr. (now Priest) Peter Jackson: [ Part I] and [http://www.roca.
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  • ...of Luke|Luke]] 18:10-14). And likewise in the [[Gospel]]s, [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] crying out as he sank into the sea, "Lord, save me." ...hat one is praying unceasingly there-by accomplishing Saint [[Apostle Paul|Paul]]'s exhortation to the Thessalonians to "pray without ceasing" ([[I Thessal
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  • * [[Peter (L'Huillier) of New York|Peter L'Huillier]] *Archbishop Peter L'Huillier, ''The Church of the Ancient Councils: The Disciplinary Work of
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  • * Most Reverend [[Paul (Gassios)]], Archbishop of Chicago and [[Diocese of the Midwest (OCA)|the M * Most Reverend [[Peter (L'Huillier) of New York|Peter (L'Huillier)]], Archbishop of New York and New Jersey
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  • * A similar view of Constantine is held in [[w:Paul Veyne|Paul Veyne]]'s recent (2007) work, ''Quand notre monde est devenu chrétien'', w :And like Paul not having received his call from men, O [[Lord]],
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  • ...erusalem]] by Ss. Peter and James, the [[Church of Rome]] by Ss. Peter and Paul, and [[Church of Constantinople]] by St Andrew. Those founded in later year ...ishop of Rome, or pope, came to be considered the successor of the apostle Peter and head of the universal church by divine appointment. Eastern Christians
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  • founder= [[Apostle]]s [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]]| ...[Apostle Peter|Peter]] (who served as its first bishop) and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]], who are its [[patron saint]]s. In terms of hierarchical order of precede
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  • ...-Constantinopolitan Creed]] be engraved on silver tablets displayed at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome so that his conclusion would not be overturned in the fu text engraved on two silver tablets, at the tomb of St. [[Apostle Peter|Peter]]. In any case, during the time of Pope Leo's leadership, 795-816, there wa
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  • ...inually been in print. The creator of the ''World English Bible'', Michael Paul Johnson, has produced a version of Brenton's translation in American Englis Kevin Mayhew Publishers has printed the translation by Peter King, SJ, in four volumes (''The Pentateuch'' 2010, ''The Historical Books'
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  • The Rev. Fr. '''Steven Peter Tsichlis''' is a [[priest]] in the [[Metropolis of San Francisco]] in the [ ...f the Diocese of San Francisco assigned him as pastor of the Church of St. Paul in Irvine, CA.
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  • ...est and the Vicar-General of the Vicariate until 1971. At his repose, Fr. Paul W.S. Schneirla became Vicar-General. On January 1, 2009, Fr. Schneirla ret ...] and Metropolitan Archbishop [[Paul (Saliba) of Australia and New Zealand|Paul]], both under the Church of Antioch.
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  • St Mark, a disciple of [[Apostle Peter|St Peter]] evangelised Egypt in the middle of the first century. He probably arrived *His Eminence [[Paul (Lyngris) of Memphis|Paul (Lyngris)]], Elder Archbishop of [[Archdiocese of Memphis|Memphis]]
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  • ...the course of borrowing from foreigners that led Russia to the reforms of Peter I. His death on [[October 1]], 1633 ended the Russo-Polish War (1632-33), a ...liukov, et al, ''History of Russian - From the Beginnings to the Empire of Peter the Great, Vol 1'', Funk & Wagnalls, New York, 1968
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  • ...on of the Tsar. Macarius, the Patriarch of Antioch, with his archdeacon, [[Paul of Aleppo]], and the head of the Serbian church, were present upon this occ ...atriarchate (namely, [[Meletius of Antioch]], [[Theodoret of Cyrus]] and [[Peter of Damascus]]) had given homilies on the sign of the cross being made with
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  • ...ius]</ref> after his historical visit to the Vatican and meeting with Pope Paul VI. The relics of St. Athanasius the Great of Alexandria are currently pres after=[[Peter II of Alexandria|Peter II]]|}}
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  • ...Wearmouth (today part of Sunderland), and of its daughter monastery, Saint Paul's, in modern Jarrow. He is well known as an author and scholar, whose best
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  • [[Macrina the Younger]] and brothers Saints [[Gregory of Nyssa]] and [[Peter of Sebaste]]. ...On Social Justice: St. Basil the Great (Popular Patristics)'' edited by C. Paul Schroeder
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  • ...act upon learning of the Resurrection was to run and tell [[Apostle Peter|Peter]]. Only later did these events get recorded in writing. ...ument were to be unearthed which scholars all agreed came from the hand of Paul or Moses, it would not be added to the canon. Likewise, if an existing par
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  • ...ances of Christianity and Nicodemus thought that another work&mdash;from [[Peter of Damascus]]&mdash;quotes from this work and attributes it to Antony. How ...Love, Self Control, and Life in accordance with the Intellect (written for Paul the Presbyter)
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  • ...[June 29]], the day of Apostles [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]], [[monk]] Nicholas was [[ordination|ordained]] [[hierodeacon]], and on [[ ...tion of Christians began in Japan, which affected many people, including [[Paul Sawabe]], the first Orthodox Japanese, who would later become a famous [[mi
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