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  • * [[Amvrossy (Merejko) of Pittsburgh|Ambrose (Merejko)]] (1955–1967) [[fr:Diocèse orthodoxe russe d'Alaska]]
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  • ...other Christian adulterations of the text. The reply of [[Ambrose of Milan|Ambrose]], bishop of Milan is appended, which is highly revealing in the character [[fr:Constantin le Grand]]
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  • * His Eminence Ambrose, Metropolitan of Neapolis ...he Eastern Orthodox Christian Community within Israeli Society], served by Fr. Alexander Winogradsky, a priest of Jewish ethnicity serving mainly in Hebr
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  • * [ Fr. Joseph Huneycutt]'s new book, "[ ...about an abandoned church in Westchester and a "Bishop Bondi" from the St. Ambrose of Milan Orthodox Church. Hmmm, I thought. So, a little Googling later I
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  • The Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God] by Fr. John Hainsworth ([[GOARCH]])</ref><ref>[ 553 A.D. (In short, nearly everywhere.) One such example is in St. [[Ambrose of Milan]] (4th century): "The virgin did not seek the consolation of bear
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  • ...days, and was converted to Christianity by the preaching and example of [[Ambrose of Milan]]. He was [[baptism|baptized]] at [[Pascha]] in 387, and returned Augustine's writings developed St Ambrose of Milan's theory of [[just war]]. He also advocated the use of force again
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  • ...ear 386 when Alexandrian and Roman dates for Pascha did not match, and St. Ambrose chose to follow the Alexandrian date.[6] <blockquote>We must keep the law r 7. Ambrose, Letter to the Bishop of Amelia, Fathers of the Church Vol. 26, pp. 193-194
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  • *374 Election of [[Ambrose of Milan|Ambrose]] as bishop of Milan. ...the [[Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed]]; [[Council of Aquileia]] led by [[Ambrose of Milan]] deposes Arian bishops.
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  • ...olor="green" face="Adobe Garamond Pro, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman">Fr. Andrew</font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:ASDamick|<font color="red">talk</font>]]< ...ic” unity with other Churches. (Citation 14: For an example of this, see Fr. Luke Luhl, “The Proposal for a Common Date to Celebrate Pascha and Easte
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  • ...estion&catid=50%3Aorthodox-awareness&Itemid=62| The Calendar Question], by Fr. Basil Sakkas ...ry.pdf The Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Church: A Brief History], by Bishop Ambrose of Methone
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  • *[ Ambrose, Bishop of Methone] [[fr:Église orthodoxe de Grèce - Saint Synode en résistance]]
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  • ...ustralia (Kallinikos)]]: The current ''locum tenens'' of this entity is Bp Ambrose of Methone, who administers eight parishes (including parishes of the 'Free *V. Rev. Fr [[Michael Shehadie]], second exarch of the Church of Antioch in Sydney.
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  • ...been recalled to St. Petersburg for consultations concerning the mission, Fr. Innocent was consecrated bishop and returned to Beijing as Bishop of Beiji *Archimandrite [[Ambrose (Umatov)]], 1755-1771.
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  • bishop=[[Ambrose (Aristotle Zographos) of Korea|Metr. Ambrose]]| ...]. Its current [[primate]] is His Eminence [[Ambrose (Zographos) of Korea|Ambrose (Zographos)]], [[Metropolitan]] of Korea (both North and South).
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  • after=[[Ambrose (Jääskeläinen) of Helsinki|Ambrose (Jääskeläinen)]]}} [[fr:Léo (Makkonen) de Finlande]]
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  • ...09. The church building for Holy Trinity was built under the leadership of Fr. [[John Kochurov]], and was consecrated in 1903 by Bishop [[Tikhon of Mosco [[Ambrose_Vretta|Fr. Ambrose Vretta]] served the parish from 1892 until 1895, when he was transferred to
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  • His Beatitude the Most Reverend Metropolitan '''Ambrose of Helsinki''' (given name Risto Jääskeläinen) is the hierarch of the [[ [[Image:Ambro.jpg|thumb|220px|Metropolitan Ambrose at the Uspensky Cathedral in Helsinki.]]He has studied theology at the Univ
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  • *Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand: V. Rev. Fr [[Jack Witbrock]] is the Dean of the [[Deanery of New Zealand (Antiochian)| * Antiochian Orthodox Parish of St George. [[Rector]]: Rev. Fr George Bosauder. Language: Arabic and English.
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  • Anthony by Fr. Athanasius and placed under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Moses. ...a in his [[diocese]] to establish the skete. After Fr. Moses accepted, he, Fr. Anthony, and the monks Hilarion and Sabbatius left the forest on [[June 3]
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  • ...June 2]], 1913, he was [[ordination|ordained]] and became a [[hieromonk]]. Fr. Hilarion was then raised to the rank of [[archimandrite]] a month later on ...d burial services in which Metr. Seraphim and Abp. Alexei (Simansky), Bps. Ambrose (Libin) of Luga, Sergius (Zenkevich) of Lodeinoe Polye, and three other bis
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  • * Metropolitan Ambrose of Chernihiv and Novgorod-Siversky [[fr:Église d'Ukraine (Patriarcat de Moscou)]]
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  • ...[[Eusebius of Caesarea|Eusebius]] and in another in [[Ambrose of Milan|St. Ambrose]], and also in [[John Cassian]]. These passages have been critically examin [[fr:Complies]]
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  • ...hands. After crossing the Gobi Desert, they finally reached Beijing, where Fr. Jonah was received into the [[Russian Orthodox Mission in China|Ecclesiast ...e [[epitrachelion]] and [[epimanikia|cuffs]] which had belonged to Elder [[Ambrose of Optina]] and began, loudly and with prostrations, to read the canon for
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  • [[Image:Amvrosiy.jpg|thumb|200px|Saint Ambrose of Optina]] Our venerable father '''Ambrose of Optina''' (Russian: преподобный Амвросий Оптинс
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  • ...ical_texts/daily_prayers.asp ''Daily Prayer for Orthodox Christians''], by Fr. N. Michael Vaporis, originally published in 1986 and recently reprinted by * ''An Orthodox Prayer Book'', edited by Fr. Michael Monos and published by [ Newrome Press
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  • ** [[Ambrose of Milan|Ambrose]] appointed Bp. of Milan. **''Emperor Theodosius obliged to do public [[penance]] by [[Ambrose of Milan]] for having suppressed a riot at Thessaloniki via a massacre.''
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  • ...993, he received a Master of Theology degree in Patrology from Holy Cross. Fr. Ambrosios continued his postgraduate studies from 1993 to 1996 at Princeto During the years of his studies in the United States, Fr. Ambrosios served in various Greek Orthodox [[parish]]es in New England and
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  • *1891 Death of [[Ambrose of Optina]]. ...w|Tikhon (Belavin)]], Bp. [[Raphael of Brooklyn|Raphael (Hawaweeny)]], and Fr. [[John Kochurov]] to permit adaption of services taken from Anglican Book
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  • ...iarchate]]; first Africans in sub-Saharan Africa baptized in Tanganyika by Fr. [[Nikodemos Sarikas]]; death of [[Tikhon of Moscow]]; death of [[Jonah of ...lic Church]], including a [[Western Rite]] missionary outreach; death of [[Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor]].
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  • ...f Odessa]] by the [[Church of Ukraine]]; [[Church of Georgia]] canonizes [[Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor]] (+1927). of Optina|Ambrose]] of [[Optina Monastery|Optina]]; death of missionary Fr. [[Chariton Pneumatikakis]], in Kananga, having served the Orthodox mission
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  • ...eromartyrs, [[July 20]], Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[July 22]]; Ambrose, bishop of Sarapul, priests Plato and Panteleimon the new hieromartyrs, [[J *1927 [[Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor|Ambrose]] the Confessor, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, [[March 16]]; Matthew
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  • ...idon Cathedral]]), where he even served as a temporary priest before Fr. [[Ambrose Vretta]]'s arrival in November of 1895, Wilkenson, Washington, Portland, Or ...[diocese]]. With his appointment to head the mission, Abp. Tikhon elevated Fr. Sebastian to [[archimandrite]] on [[August 15]], 1905. For the next five y
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  • Rev. '''Ambrose Vretta''' (also '''Amvrosy''' or '''Ambrosius Wretta''') was a [[priest]] i Ambrose Vretta was born in Macedonia in 1859. He attended the Imperial Medical Coll
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  • ...y, he was [[ordination|ordained]] hierodeacon and then hieromonk. In 1979, Fr. Panteleimon was appointed [[Igumen]], a position he held until 1997. In 19 before=[[Ambrose (Jaaskelainen) of Helsinki|Ambrose (Jaaskelainen)]]|
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  • ...e was very simple, the Lord often performed miracles through him. At times Fr. Macarius, in the face of great danger, brought calm among fighting faction In addition to his activities among the people, Fr. Macarius continued his translation work. In 1864, he journeyed to St. Pete
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  • ...g that the Ancient of Days in Daniel 7 is the Son, and that is that of St. Ambrose of Milan (c. 339 – 397): ...nt… not to the incarnation. Even if this text is taken as proof that St. Ambrose believed the Son to be the Ancient of Days in Daniel 7, we still are left w
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  • [[Image:Ambrosius I Georgia.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Catholicos-Patriarch Ambrose of Georgia]]
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  • ...itself autocephalous following the 1917 February revolution in Russia, and Fr. Callistratus became active in the restored Georgian church administration ...mprisoned by the Soviets. He remained in the position until 1926. In 1925, Fr. Callistratus was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] [[Metropolitan]]
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  • ...y Orders]] and was [[ordination|ordained]] [[deacon]] and then [[priest]]. Fr. Kristepore served as priest in the Trans-Caspian region of Russia for a pe itself autocephalous following the 1917 February revolution in Russia. Fr. Christophorus participated in the restored autocephalous Georgian church a
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  • ...ethod of the German theologians for the former Orthodox scholastic system. Fr. Theophan was also a prolific writer, his works including a five-act tragic ...about his laudatory statements on the cultural-political reforms by Peter. Fr. Theophan, thus, was called to the court at St. Petersburg in 1716 and was
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  • ...u want to move?”'' he concluded. ''“I do!”'' was the reply, although Fr. Joasaph was quite aware of the hardships that awaited him. ...had to pay for the trip, became the abbot under the name of Archimandrite Ambrose.
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  • ...1]], 1861, at Optina, John related his story to Elder [[Ambrose of Optina|Ambrose]] who advised him to stay at Optina, to which John replied "May it be bless ...r off elsewhere - Kiev, even [[Mount Athos]]. But, the understanding Elder Ambrose, realizing John's thoughts, urged him to stay at Optina.
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  • ...In December 1939, the Elder Macarius, the monastery's confessor, succeeded Fr. Anthony as the Superior of the Skete, and Rodion was assigned to be his ce ...on would succeed him and Elder Ambrose as Elders after his death. In 1863, Fr. Hilarion was chosen the Superior of the [[Skete]] and the monastery's Fath
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  • ...d of marriage, the Schema-nun advised him to go to Optina Monastery to see Fr. [[Hilarion of Optina| Hilarion]]. Nicholas followed her advise and arrived ...Anatolius (Zertsalov) although at times he sought the counsel of the Elder Ambrose. These elders led Nicholas along the strict path of [[monasticism]].
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  • ...his mother where he was introduced to Fr. [[Macarius of Optina|Macarius]]. Fr. Macarius praised his mother for setting Alexis on a good path and took Ale enough to guide others, he began to train him for this service, just as Fr. Macarius had trained him.
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  • ...happy, as Paul recalled later, though they saw him for the first time. St. Ambrose said that Paul should wait for 2 more years and then return to the monaster ...le the doctors did not think he would recover, his health did improve. Fr. Ambrose blessed him to cut all ties to the world and told him to enter Optina withi
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  • ...e the [[cell]]-attendant of Elder [[Ambrose of Optina|Ambrose]], and after Ambrose's death he functioned as an elder, even though he was still a [[deacon]]. W ...,1917, as Emperor [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas]] prepared to abdicate, Fr. Anatolius prophesied that the organizational unity of the [[Russian Orthod
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  • ...]]. During this period he was assigned to the Smolensk Cathedral. In 2000, Fr. Feofan was assigned as a priest to the Diocese of Abakan and Kyzyl in cent ...I (Gundyayev) of Moscow|Kyrill (Gundyayev)]] of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, Fr. Feofan was assigned to serve as pastor to Russian-speaking citizens who we
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  • * 1942 Feb: Fr. Anthony became teacher of canon law at the Russian Cadet Corps in Bela Tsr ...[[archimandrite]] by Patriarch [[Alexei I (Simansky) of Moscow|Alexis I]]. Fr. Anthony desired to serve the Church in Russia (believing it free), but thi
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  • ...ame Anthony in 1760 and, in 1761, was [[ordination|ordained]] a hieromonk. Fr. Anthony served at the academy, first as a teacher, then in 1763 as a prefe On [[October 10]], 1770, Fr. Anthony was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of Arkhangels
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  • ...Fr. Ambrose, a disciple of St. [[Ambrose of Optina]]. It was from him that Fr. Thaddeus soon learned the [[Jesus Prayer]].<ref name=ORTHENG>[http://www.o ...ry|Gornjak Monastery]], where he was [[tonsure]]d by its Russian [[Abbot]] Fr. Seraphim in 1935. On July 14 that same year, he became a [[hierodeacon]],
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  • America received me into membership by Holy Chrismation by priest/monk Fr. Rev. E.A. (Simeon) Weare, Memory Eternal, in the parish St. Nicholas the W as the grave, blind as a stone, and irrational as a headless hen.” —Ambrose Bierce
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  • ...ic mental illness of any kind, prelest is rather a spiritual illness<ref>{{Fr icon}} Jean-Claude Larchet, Thérapeutique des maladies mentales. L’expé of himself".<ref>[ Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin. On the work of a pastor.]</ref>
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  • ...evitch) of Seattle|Oleg Mikhailovich Kontzevitch]]. Before the Revolution, Fr. Adrian had studied at the St. Petersburg Polytechnical Institute in Russia ...hanging on the wall was an original portrait of St. Seraphim of Sarov that Fr. Adrian had recovered and taken with him into exile from Kiev. The first se
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  • ...Moscow|St. Tikhon of Moscow]] in 1905. The first priest assigned here was Fr. [[Jacob Odzic]]. ...n-Orthodox in its mission. Holy Trinity, particularly through the work of Fr. Russell Radoicich, has been dedicated to spreading the Truth of the Orthod
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  • ...rinity Cathedral]]). Due to this relative proximity, [[Ambrose_Vretta|Fr. Ambrose Vretta]], who had been installed as priest in Chicago in May of 1892, also ...ving as [[choir director|choirmaster]] and [[starosta]] as far back as Fr. Ambrose's tenure.
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  • ...r]] of the parish dating back to at least 1895, when Fr. [[Ambrose_Vretta|Ambrose Vretta]] had been priest. During his tenure as priest of the Church of th ...apolis, Minnesota)|St. Mary's Church]] in Minneapolis during the tenure of Fr. [[Alexis_of_Wilkes-Barre|Alexis Toth]]. Previous to that, he had lived in
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  • ...nt Guardian] Orthodox Christianity + Nothing / An Orthodox Priest Reflects Fr. Photios Avant <!--- December 2021 ---> *[ pleximama] \'plek-si-'ma-ma\ n (fr modGr pleximo the act of knitting + Eng mother) a woman who spends most of
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  • Fr. Vladimir V. Alexandrof (Jul. 14, 1871 - May 20, 1945) (also Alexander, A ...dained to the priesthood. He was assigned as priest of St. Spiridon after Fr. Vretta was recalled back to Russia.
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  • *Brody, Brodie (m) - St [[Ambrose of Milan]] ('''Sound-alike''') When is my nameday?], compiled by Fr Christopher Klitou
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  • ...month. It was during this time that the church became decidely Orthodox, Fr. John being an Orthodox priest who worked hard to bring Eastern Rite Cathol ...rals, marriages, baptisms, and Pascha services. One priest in particular, Fr. [[Alexis Revera]], (who served at [[Ss. Constantine and Helen Church (Galv
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  • ...St Augustine page and its talk page. --[[User:Fr Lev|Fr Lev]] ([[User talk:Fr Lev|talk]]) 16:05, December 11, 2019 (UTC) ...cerned me, I find I should make clear that my comments are not directed at Fr Lev. They are rather directed towards the attitudes that drive us to argue
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