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Diocese of Sitka

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[[Image:Alaska.png|thumb|right|Visual representation of the Diocese of Alaska]]
The '''Diocese of Alaska (OCA)'''—in full, the '''Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska'''—is a [[diocese]] of the [[Orthodox Church in America]]. It is currently under the administration of Abp. Bishop [[Dmitri Benjamin (RoysterPeterson) of DallasSan Francisco]] as ''[[locum tenens]]'', assisted by Bishop [[Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco]] as diocesan administrator. Its territory includes the American state of [[Alaska]].
The diocese has, since 2007, been struggling with a crisis regarding the leadership of its [[bishop]], including allegations of abuse against both the bishop and the diocesan chancellor, Archimandrite [[Isidore (Brittain)]]. His Grace, the Right Reverend [[Nikolai (Soraich) of Sitka|Nikolai (Soraich)]], the diocesan bishop, was placed on a leave of absence beginning [[March 4]], 2008, which was rescinded shortly thereafter and then reinstated on [[April 17]], 2008. The leave become voluntarily permanent in May of 2008, followed by his official retirement.