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:''This article is about the historic monastery. For the [[feast day]] see [[Life-Giving Spring]].''
In the fifth century, Holy Emperor [[Leo the Great]] oversaw the building The '''Church of a church named in the honor Life-Giving Font of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]]. It was built in ''' is the Seven Towers district of Constantinople. The present latest church, built in 1835, that bears the same dedication as the shrine erected in this place between the end of the fifth and beginning of the sixth centuries, named for the [[w:Thaumaturgy|wonderworking]] [[w:Holy well|holy spring]] located there. Holy Emperor [[Leo the Great]] oversaw the building of the church that was named in the honor of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]]. For almost fifteen hundred years, this sanctuary has been one of the most important [[pilgrimage]] sites of Greek Orthodoxy.<ref name="JANIN">Raymond Janin (in French). ''La Géographie ecclésiastique de l'Empire byzantin. 1. Part: Le Siège de Constantinople et le Patriarcat Oecuménique. 3rd Vol.: Les Églises et les Monastères.'' Paris: Institut Français d'Etudes Byzantines. 1953. p.232-37.</ref>

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