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Gedeon (Balaban) of Lvov

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His Grace Bishop '''Hedeon (Hryhorii) Balaban''', also '''Gedeon Balaban''', was the Orthodox [[bishop]] of Lviv from 1569 to 1607, who opposed the [[Union of Brest]] until his death, after initially having supported rapproachement with Rome.<ref>Bert Groen, William Peter van den Bercken. ''[ Four hundred years Union of Brest (1596-1996): a critical re-evaluation: acta of the congress held at Hernen Castle, the Netherlands, in March 1996].'' Peeters Publishers, 1998. p.5.</ref>

Balaban was born in 1530. He took the side of the [[Orthodox Church]] against the Polish Roman Catholics, in particular the Roman Catholic archbishop of Lviv.<ref name=eou>[\B\A\BalabanHedeon.htm Balaban, Hedeon]. [[w:Encyclopedia of Ukraine|Encyclopedia of Ukraine]], Vol. 1 (1984).</ref> He resisted introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582 and struggled against the Lviv Dormition Brotherhood on behalf of episcopal authority.<ref name=Plokhy>Serhii Plokhy. ''The Cossacks and religion in early modern Ukraine''. Oxford University Press, 2002. pp.79-83.</ref> Starting in 1590, he took part in negotiations over union with the [[Roman Catholic Church]], but joined with Prince [[w:Konstanty Wasyl Ostrogski|Kostiantyn Ostrozky]] at the [[Union of Brest|Council of Berestia]] in 1596 in opposition to union.<ref name=Plokhy/><ref>Alexander Hugh Hore. ''Eighteen Centuries of the Orthodox Greek Church''. Gorgias Press LLC 2003. p.544.</ref><ref>Borys Gudziak. ''Four hundred years Union of Brest (1596-1996)''. Peeters Publishers, 1998. p.36.</ref> He maintained this position until his death.<ref name=eou/>

In 1599 he established a Greco-Slavic printing press with his nephew Fedir Balaban in Striatyn and then later in Krylos where he published various church books. Throughout his life, Balaban supported Orthodox [[Brotherhoods|brotherhood]] schools. He died on 10 February 1607 in Lviv.<ref name=eou/>


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