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George (Karslidis) of Drama

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[[Image:GeorgeKarslidis1.jpeg|right|thumbnail|St. George (Karslidis) the New Confessor of Drama]]Saint '''George (Karslidis) the New Confessor of Drama''' (π. Γεώργιος Καρσλίδης ) was born in Argyroupolis, Pontos in 1901 of pious parents, Savva Karslides and Sophia. At baptism he received the name ''Athanasius''. He is known to have been in Georgia, Armenia and Russia before spending most of his life in the village of Sipsa (now identified as ''Taxiarches'') in Drama of Northern Greece. He established a small monastery there and slept in the Lord [[November 4]], 1959. He was [[glorification|glorified]] by the [[Church of Constantinople|Patriarchate]] on [[November 2]], 2008 at the Monastery of the Ascension in Sipsa. The elder was well known for his miracles and prophecies. The church commemorates his memory [[November 4]]. He is one of few saints known to bear an imprint of the sign of the cross on his skull.

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