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José Muñoz-Cortes

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It's not clear that he was martyred (i.e., killed *because* of his faith), and he certainly has not been canonized.
[[Image:Bro Jose Munoz.jpg|right|thumb|Brother José Muñoz-Cortes, with the Montreal Iveron Icon of the Mother of God.]]
'''José Muñoz-Cortes''' (1950, Chile - 1997, Greece) was a Chilean [[conversion|convert]] to Orthodox Christianity who became interested in [[monasticism]], and became the guardian of the miracle-working myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon of the Mother of God (Montreal Icon). He was [[martyr]]ed murdered on [[October 31]] , 1997, in his hotel room in Athens, Greece.
Brother José was also extremely faithful in fulfilling the countless requests for [[prayer]]s that he received, daily, commemorating thousands of names, among whom were several dozen godchildren.
Jose was tortured and brutally murdered in a hotel room in Athens, Greece on the night of [[October 31]], 1997, by several individuals.
He had planned to return to Canada the following day to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the appearance of the miraculous appearance of myrrh on the Icon. The case is still unsolved, though several individuals were suspected in the crime.
The Myrrh-Streaming Montreal Icon disappreaed disappeared following Brother José's murder, and has not been seen since.
Brother José has not yet been glorified a saint by the Church, though many miracles have reportedly taken place in his name, including icons of Brother José himself that have begun giving myrrh. {{cite}}
One such miraculous connection is the newly-revealed and miracle-working Hawaiian Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon of the Theotokos, which began giving myrrh shortly before the 10th anniversary of Brother José's martyrdom. The Hawaiian Icon is a printed copy of the Montreal Icon. Other copies of the Montreal Icon have also given myrrh at various times.
* [ The Myrrh-Streaming Icon of the Mother of God of Iveron].
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