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:Why? What's "Scripture Catholic site" and do you have a link? Thanks, — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk])
== Pro-Filioquist, Pro-Roman Hijacks How the Filioque is understood by those who believe it ==
MaximustheConfessor has been adding conspicuously anti-Orthodox biased materials to this articlethat reflect how those who believe in the Filioque understand their belief.
I undid most of his work, but kept some of his neutral or "acceptable" (in my opinion) edits.
He seems to misunderstand that this is an ''Orthodox'' Wiki, not Roman Catholic.
The [[OrthodoxWiki]] article states: "Orthodoxwiki purposes to present the Orthodox Christian viewpoint throughout the site. Articles on OrthodoxWiki will be, so far as is reasonably possible, worded from a neutral point of view (NPOV). That is, disputes between Orthodox Christian groups will be characterized and described rather than entered into.)
For instance, he changed "Thomas Aquinas" to "St. Thomas Aquinas." This is a clearly Roman bias. Thomas of Aquino is a philosopher, an academic theologian, a scholastic -- but not an Orthodox Saint.
Furthermore, he baldly claims that Roman Catholics do not hold "a heterodox interpretation of the filioque." Such a claim is so close to false it is hardly controversial -- but let's be charitable; it is highly controversial at the very least.
He consistently rewrites "Eastern Roman Empire" as "Byzantine Empire", as if "Byzantine" were a kind of insult, or as if Constantine the Emperor had failed to include the East in the Roman Empire.
Again, Orthodox Wiki says, "[This site is] a place for Orthodox Christians to share their knowledge and perspectives." Roman Catholics or ecumenists who view the differences between East and West as non-fundamental are welcome to read and to edit, but they are not welcome to hijack the site to their own biasor to inform us of what they actually believe. Correct me if I am wrong.
I move that MaximustheConfessor's ambitious edits are misguided, and that they should cease.

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