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Theodosius of Jerusalem

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'''Theodosius of Jerusalem''' was Patriarch of Jerusalem of the [[Church of Jerusalem]] from 864 to 879.

Theodosius was a [[monk]] at a [[monastery]] near Jerusalem before he was elected the successor to Patr. Solomon in 864. In 869, Theodosius was represented at the council known as the [[Robber Council of 869-870]] in Constantinople by his legate, Syncellus Elijah. Elijah signed the decisions of the council that [[deposition|deposed]] Patr. [[Photius the Great|Photius]] of Constantinople and decreed that Patr. [[Ignatius of Constantinople|Ignatius]] was improperly deposed. The acts of the 869 council were later abrogated by the [[Eighth Ecumenical Council|council of 879]] that affirmed the restoration of Patr. Photius.

During the time of Theodosius' episcopate, the Church of Jerusalem apparently was experiencing peace and tranquility based on what was said in Theodosius' correspondence to Patr. Ignatius and that he was able to send three monks to western Europe to collect funds for the Church of Jerusalem.

Theodosius reposed in 879.

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*[ The History of the Church of Jerusalem]

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