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During the service of ordination to the priesthood, a priest leads the candidate, then kneels and rests his head on the altar. The bishop puts his stole and right hand over the candidate's head as the candidate receives the [[Holy Spirit]]. The entire congregation witnesses the ordination and proclaims its consent by shouting in unison "Axios!" (Greek word meaning 'worthy'). The bishop bestows sacred [[vestments]] on the new priest, who receives [[Eucharist|communion]] and recites a special [[prayer]]. Through ordination, men who have been chosen from within the Church are set apart by the Church for special service to the Church. Much of the time, a candidate for ordination will pursue preparatory studies at a [[seminaries|seminary]].
== Bishopric Episcopacy ==Selected monk priests Candidates for the episcopacy are consecrated by three bishops (or at the very least two) to the bishopricbe bishops.
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