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For the Orthodox Christian, '''The V. Rev. [[Holy WeekRaphael Morgan]]''' is was a Jamaican-American priest of the week from Ecumenical Patriarchate, later the conclusion founder and superior of Great Lent on the Saturday Order of Lazarus to the celebration Cross of Golgotha, and thought to be the Great and Holy Paschafirst black Orthodox clergyman in America. Having recently been discovered, his life has garnered great interest, the Resurrection but much of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. This week is also often called the Great and Holy Weekhis life still remains shrouded in mystery.
As leave is taken from Great Lent with the celebration of the Saturday of Lazarus, which remembers Christ's raising of Lazarus from the dead and the promise of universal resurrection for all, a week is entered during which the church services remember Christ’s last week, the Holy Week, before his crucifixion and resurrection.
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