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Holy Wisdom

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In the mystical theology of the Orthodox Church wisdom is understood as the Divine Logos who became incarnate as [[Jesus Christ]]. In the Holy Family, Sophia is often seen as being represented by the [[Theotokos]]. Sophia is expressed as the Holy Wisdom of God and the saints, obtained through [[humility]], and in Mary, the Theotokos, the first and greatest of all [[saint]]s. In Orthodoxy, humility is the highest wisdom and is to be sought more than any other virtue. It is humility that cultivates not only the Holy Wisdom, but humility (in contrast to knowledge) is the defining quality that grants people salvation and entrance into Heaven.
In the [[Divine Liturgy|liturgy]] of the Orthodox Church, the exclamation ''Sophia!'' or in English ''Wisdom!'' is proclaimed by the [[deacon]] or [[priest]] at certain moments during the service, especially before readings of [[Holy Scripture|scripture]], to draw the [[congregation]]'s attention to sacred teaching.
== Sophiology==