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Pallady (Kafarov) of Beijing

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Arch. Pallady’s work at the mission followed in the footsteps of his predecessors, chiefly Arch. [[Iakinf (Bichurin) of Beijing|Iakinf (Bichurin)]]. He studied Buddhism and Chinese history and produced a number of writings on these subjects. These works have been collected into ''The Works of the Members of the Orthodox Mission'', Vol. I-IV and in ''Elucidations of Marco Polo’s Travels in North China'' (Journal of the North China Branch of the R. A. S. Vol. X (1876)). His translations of the [[Holy Scriptures|Scriptures]] into Chinese included the ''Book of Psalms'' and the [[''Book of Services]]''.
Arch. Pallady was a tireless student of the Chinese language. His major effort was the development of a phonetic system (pinyin) for rendering Mandarin Chinese using the Russian alphabet. His chief work was the development of a ''Chinese-Russian Phonetic Dictionary'' that contained explanations of almost 12,000 Chinese characters. The dictionary was published after his death.

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