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Martyrs of China

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Ioann (John) was only eight years old at the time. On [[June 10]], when his father was killed, Boxers slashed his shoulders and chopped off his nose, ears, and toes. His brother Isaiah's bride managed to save him from death by hiding him in a latrine. In the morning he sat at the entrance without clothes and shoes, and when people asked "Are you hurting?" he answered “It doesn't hurt." Boys scoffed at him, calling him a “child of demons." Shortly thereafter, he reposed.
:'''Apolytikion. Tone one'''<br>
:''Minister to Christ, true priest of glory, reasonable sacrifice and blameless victim, thou gavest thyself up to the stadium with thy flock, O father, Chi - Sung in Beijing. Therefore pray for us who keep thy precious memory with faith»''
:'''Apolytikion. Tone two'''<br>
:''Thou hast become a participator in the customs of the Apostles and a successor to their throne thou hast found the way of ascending to behold God, by thy faithful struggle unto blood with thy flock in Beijing, O God inspired, hieromartyr Chi - Sung Pray to Christ our God, that our souls might be saved.''
:''A. Rejoice, O priest of Beijing, martyred illustriously with thy flock thou didst destroy the impious schemes of tyrants with the strength of the Lord O Father Chi - Sung.''
:''B. Mitrophan as a pious God speaking minister thou didst weaken the delusions of the impious by thy feats, with thy flock, O Father, protector from darkness and boast of martyrs.''
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