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Barbara of Heliopolis

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{{inprogress[[Image:BarbaraHeliopolisClassic.jpg|Ixthis888}}right|thumbnail|Saint Barbara of Heliopolis]][[Image:St Barbara of Heliopolis.jpg|right|thumbnail|Saint Barbara of Heliopolis]]The holy and glorious Great-martyr '''Barbara of Heliopolis'''<ref>Heliopolis is today known as ''Baalbek''. It was a well known Syrian city located between Lebanon and the mountain ranges of anti-Lebanon. In 1924, it became part of Lebanon and was named Baalbek.</ref> lived during the reign of the impious tyrant Mazimian (286-305). Her [[feast]] day is commemorated by the church [[December 4]].
Our holy mother among ==History==The Holy Great [[Martyr]] Barbara lived and suffered during the saints reign of the emperor Maximian (305-311). Her father, the pagan Dioscorus, was a rich and Great-martyr '''Barbara illustrious man in the Syrian city of Heliopolis. After the death of his wife, he devoted himself to his only daughter. Seeing Barbara''''s extraordinary beauty, hailed Dioscorus decided to hide her from the city eyes of Heliopolis <ref> Heliopolisstrangers. Therefore, he built a tower for Barbara, is today known as ''Baalbek''where only her pagan teachers were allowed to see her. From the tower there was a view of hills stretching into the distance. It By day she was able to gaze upon the wooded hills, the swiftly flowing rivers, and the meadows covered with a well known Syrian city located between Lebanon mottled blanket of flowers; by night the harmonious and majestic vault of the mountain ranges heavens twinkled and provided a spectacle of anti-Lebanoninexpressible beauty. Soon the virgin began to ask herself questions about the First Cause and Creator of so harmonious and splendid a world. In 1924 Gradually, it she became part convinced that the souless idols were merely the work of Lebanon human hands. Although her father and was named Baalbek. </ref> lived during teachers offered them worship, she realized that the reign of idols could not have made the impious tyrant Mazimian (286-305)surrounding world. Her feast day is commemorated by The desire to know the church [[December 4]]true God so consumed her soul that Barbara decided to devote all her life to this goal, and to spend her life in virginity.
==History==The Great Martyr Barbara was a fervent follower fame of Christher beauty spread throughout the city, betrothed to Him from and many sought her early yearshand in marriage. Her But despite the entreaties of her father, Dioscorus, was a pagan in the city she refused all of Heliopolis in Egypt and was famed for them. Barbara warned her father that his wealth persistence might end tragically and standingseparate them forever. Dioscorus shut up decided that the temperament of his only daughter, who was both intelligent had been affected by her life of seclusion. He therefore permitted her to leave the tower and beautiful, gave her full freedom in a high tower, surrounded her with all possible comforts, gave her a host choice of attendantsfriends and acquaintances. Thus Barbara met young Christian maidens in the city, set up idols for worship and built they taught her a bathroom with two windows. As she gazed through about the windows Creator of the tower upon world, about the earth below Trinity, and about the starry sky above, Barbara's mind was opened by Divine Logos. Through the grace Providence of God, and she came to know Him a [[priest]] arrived in Heliopolis from Alexandria disguised as a merchant. After instructing her in the onemysteries of the Christian Faith, true God and Creatorhe [[baptism|baptized]] Barbara, although she had no human teacher then returned to bring her to the knowledge of Himhis own country. Once, when her father  During this time a luxurious bathhouse was away from being built at the city, she came out house of Dioscorus. By his orders the tower and, by God's providence, met some Christians who told her about workers prepared to put two windows on the true Christian faithsouth side. But Barbara, taking advantage of her father's heart was set on fire with love for Christ. She had absence, asked them to make a third window cut in , thereby forming a Trinity of light. On one of the bathroom as a symbol walls of the Holy Trinity, and bath-house Barbara traced a Cross cross with her finger on one wall of it, which . The cross was deeply etched itself deep in into the stone marble, as if cut by a chiselan iron instrument. A spring Later, her footprints were imprinted on the stone steps of the bathhouse. The water gushed forth from of the bathroom floor from her footprint, and it later gave bathhouse had great healing from sickness power. St. Simeon Metaphrastes (November 9) compared the bathhouse to the stream of Jordan and the Pool of Siloam, because by God's power, manymiracles took place there.  When Dioscorus found out returned and expressed dissatisfaction about the change in his building plans, his daughter's faithtold him about how she had come to know the Triune God, about the saving power of the Son of God, and about the futility of worshipping idols. Dioscorus went into a rage, he beat her harshly grabbed a sword and drove was on the point of striking her with it. The holy virgin fled from the towerher father, chasing and he rushed after her to kill herin pursuit. His way became blocked by a hill, but a cliff which opened up and hid concealed the [[saint]] in a crevice. On the other side of the crevice was an entrance leading upwards. St Barbara from her irate fathermanaged then to conceal herself in a cave on the opposite slope of the hill. When she appeared again After a long and fruitless search for his daughter, Dioscorus took saw two shepherds on the hill. One of them showed him the cave where the saint had hidden. Dioscorus beat his daughter terribly, and then placed her under guard and tried to wear her down with hunger. Finally he handed her over to Marcian, the governor prefect of the city, who handed her over for torturenamed Martianus. They beat St. The innocent Barbara was stripped fiercely: they struck her with rawhide, and beaten until rubbed her entire body was covered in bloody woundswith a hair cloth to increase her pain. By night St Barbara prayed fervently to her Heavenly Bridegroom, but and the Lord Savior Himself appeared to and healed her in wounds. Then they subjected the prison with many angelssaint to new, and healed hereven more frightful torments. A certain  In the crowd where the martyr was tortured was the virtuous Christian woman[[Juliana of Heliopolis|Juliana]], an inhabitant of Heliopolis. Her heart was filled with sympathy for the voluntary martyrdom of the beautiful and illustrious maiden. Julianaalso wanted to suffer for Christ. She began to denounce the torturers in a loud voice, beheld this and conceived a desire for martyrdom herselfthey seized her.  Both of them martyrs were fearfully tortured for a long time. Their bodies were raked and taken around the city to be mockedwounded with hooks, and then their breasts they were cut off led naked through the city amidst derision and much blood flowed from themjeers. Through the prayers of St. Barbara the Lord sent an [[angel]] who covered the nakedness of the holy martyrs with a splendid robe. They were finally led out to Then the place steadfast confessors of executionChrist, Ss. Barbara and Juliana was slain by soldiers while , were beheaded. Dioscorus himself executed St Barbara . The wrath of God was not slow to punish both torturers, Martianus and Dioscorus. They were killed after being struck by her own fatherlightning.  In the sixth century the [[relics]] of the holy Great Martyr Barbara were transferred to Constantinople. On Six hundred years later, they were transferred to Kiev ([[July 11]]) by Barbara, the daughter of the same dayByzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenos, lightning struck Dioscoruswho married the Russian prince Michael Izyaslavich. They rest even now at Kiev's houseSt Vladimir cathedral, killing both him and Marcianwhere an [[Akathist]] to the saint is served each Tuesday.  Many pious Orthodox Christians are in the habit of chanting the [[troparion]] of St. Barbara suffered in 306each day, recalling the Savior's promise to her that those who remembered her and her wonderworking relics are sufferings would be preserved in Kiev. Greatly glorified in the Kingdom of Christfrom a sudden, she has appeared many times down to our own daysunexpected death, sometimes alone and sometimes in would not depart this life without benefit of the company Holy Mysteries of Christ. ==Source==The above information was taken from the most holy Mother [[OCA]] website's directory of GodFeasts and Saints Lives []
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