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Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky) of Simferopol and Crimea

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The Saints last words
'''In English''' (translation)
:“My children, very much do I entreat you,
:Arm yourselves with the armor that God gives, That you may withstand the devil's tricks.
:You can't imagine how evil he is.
:We don't have to fight with people but with rulers and powers, in effect the evil spirits.
:Take care!
:It's no use to the devil for anyone to think and feel
:that he is close to him.
:A hidden and unknown enemy is more dangerous than a visible enemy.
:O how large and terrible is the army of the demons.
:How numberless is their black horde!
:Unchanged, untiring, day and night, seeking to push all of us who believe
:in the name of Christ, to lure us on the road of unbelief, of evil and of impiety.
:These unseen enemies of God have made their sole purpose, day and night to seek our destruction.
:But do not be afraid, take power from the name of Jesus.”
''(Preliminary translation)''