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Hi! == About Katja == '''Katjuscha''' was baptised into the [[Orthodox Church|Orthodox]] Church in September 2002. My name She is Katjaa native of Chicago, and I am an American currently but has spent much of the last few years living in Germany. My home church  One of her many esoteric interests is Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Chicagoa Nazi resistance Group "Die Weiße Rose" (The White Rose), Illinois, though since I've been particularly in Germany, my church here is the life of [[Auferstehungs-Gemeinde of Munich and DachauAlexander Schmorell]].  She is also an internet addict, where I was also baptised in September though hopefully not all of 2002it is wasted time. I'm a friend She is one of the moderators at the LiveJournal group "Orthodox_single". == External Links ==* My website: [[FrJohn Katja's Dacha]], who told me about this project in the first place, and I can also be found as * My White Rose site: [Linnapaw The White Rose] on * Livejournal group "Orthodox Single" [ Livejournalgroup "Orthodox Single"].

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