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Oak of Mamre

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The '''Oak of Sibta''', at Hirbet es-Sibte, two kilometres southwest of Mamre, also called ''The Oak of Abraham'' or ''The Oak of Mamre'' <ref> The Hebrew term ''Eloney Mamreh'' of Genesis 13:18 is considered by some translators to be a name of a region in Canaan. Other scholars dispute this and suggest that it is the reference to the terebinth trees of Mamre; or to the ''Oak of Mamre'', which is know known as ''Abraham's Oak'' </ref>, is an ancient tree which, in tradition, is said to mark the place where Abraham entertained the three angels <ref> [ ''New Challenge for Arafat: A Russian Church''] by Serge Schmemann for the New York Times, July 11, 1997. </ref> or where Abraham pitched his tent. It is estimated that this oak is approximately 5,000 years old. The [[Russian Orthodox Church]] owns the site and the nearby monastery. The tradition carried down is that the Oak of Abraham will die before the appearance of the Anti-Christ. The oak has been dead for over three years now.
[[Image:Abrahams-Mamreh.jpeg|The Oak of Sibta]]

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