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Macrina the Younger

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St. Macrina was born to a holy family: her parents were Ss. [[Basil the Elder]] and [[Emily]]; four of her nine brothers and sisters are commemorated as saints: [[Basil the Great]], [[Peter of Sebaste]], [[Gregory of Nyssa]], and [[Theosebia the Deaconess]]; her grandmother, for whom she was named, is commemorated as St. [[Macrina the Elder]].
Macrina greatly influenced her younger brother Peter in his religious training, directing him toward a spiritual and ascetic life. After her siblings grew upand the death of her father, she convinced her mother to take [[monastic]] vows with her. Following her mother's death, she led the [[nun]]s in the [[monastery]]. She died in 379/380 and was buried in a grave shared with her parents, with a eulogy by her younger brother, St. Gregory. He also wrote ''The Life of St. Macrina''.

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