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Church of Jerusalem

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Lately there has been criticism of the church leadership by Palestinian faithful, who accuse the Greek-speaking and largely Greek-born leadership of squandering their money and treating their Arabic-speaking members as second-class faithful.
Following the recent [[deposition ]] of Patriarch [[Irenaios I (Skopelitis) of Jerusalem|Irenaios I]] amidst scandals regarding the transfer of land to Jewish control, the Holy Synod of the church named as their [[locum tenens|temporary primate]] His Eminence Metropolitan [[Cornelius (Rodousakis) of Petra]]. On [[August 22]], 2005, the Holy Synod unanimously elected the former Archbishop of Tabor, [[Theophilus III (Giannopoulos) of Jerusalem|Theophilus]], as the 141st Patriarch of Jerusalem.
<!-- ==History==
===Places of importance===
*Church of the Nativity (Bethlehem)*Holy Fire*Museum of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate*St Michael's Church (Jaffa)*[[St. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)|Holy Monastery of St. Catherine]] ([[Mount Sinai]]), believed to be the site of the [[Burning Bush ]] from the Old Testament, belonging to [[Church of Sinai]].
There are 25 monasteries within the city of Jerusalem:
#The Holy Monastery of Abraam, a dependency of the Holy Sepulchre
#The Holy Monastery of St. [[CharalampusHaralampus of Magnesia|Haralampus]]
#The Holy Monastery of the Forerunner
#The Holy Monastery of the Archangels
The [[Holy Land]] has been primarily sanctified by the presence of [[Christ]], however, through his divine economy, the Holy Land has also generated a cloud of [[Martyrs]], Hierarchs and [[Saints]]. Some of these include:
* the Holy Apostles
* St. Savvas [[Sabbas the Sanctified]] of Palestine ([[August 24December 5]])
==See also==
*[[List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem]]
*[[Monastery at the Shepherds Field (East Jerusalem, Israel)]]
*[[New Church of St. Mary, the Theotokos (Jerusalem)]]
==External links==
*[ Jerusalem Church]
*[ Official Website of the Church of Jerusalem] (Main page)
**[ Greek Orthodox Church of St. George], Taybeh (Palestine)
*[ Interviews with Christians in the Holy Land] ([[Ancient Faith Radio]])
*[ 9&sitecode=HQ&pageno=1 Eastern Christian Churches: The Patriarchate of Jerusalem] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar
*[ Rum Orthodox Ivri: The Website of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Community within Israeli Society], served by Fr. Alexander Winogradsky, a priest of Jewish ethnicity serving mainly in Hebrew
===Jaffa Gate Deal and Recognition Issues 2004-2007===
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[[ro:Biserica Ortodoxă a Ierusalimului]]
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