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His Beatitude ''The '''[[Theodoros (Choreftakis) II Episcopal Assembly of AlexandriaNorth and Central America]]''''', is founded in 2010, consists of all the current [[Pope]] and [[Patriarch]] active Orthodox bishops of [[Alexandria]] North and All AfricaCentral America, representing multiple jurisdictions. He was elected following It is the untimely accidental death of Patriarch Petros VIIsuccessor to SCOBA, and it is not, properly speaking, a synod. The future [[patriarch]] was born Nikolaos Choreftakis on the island Episcopal Assembly of Crete in 1954. From 1975 to 1985, Dn. Theodoros served as Archdeacon North and Chancellor Central America is one of several such bodies around the world which operate in the Holy Metropolis of Lambis and Sfakion, Creteso-called "diaspora."
In 1990, he was consecrated [[bishop]] of Kyrene and Representative of Patr. Parthenios in Athens. In 1997, he was appointed Patriarchal Vicar by Patriarch [[Petros VII (Papapetrou) of Alexandria|Petros VII]], to assist the new patriarch. Ten months later Bp. Theodoros was elected Metropolitan of Cameroon. As the leader of this [[missionary]] [[diocese]], Metr. Theodoros greatly expanded the missionary activity in the diocese. In 2002, Metr. Theodoros was transferred to the Holy Metropolis of Zimbabwe.
On [[October 9]], 2004, Metr. Theodoros was unanimously elected by the [[Holy Synod|Synod]] of the Alexandrian Throne as Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, succeeding Patriarch Petros VII who was tragically killed in a helicopter accident. His general missionary activity, as well as his affable character, are the reason behind the love felt towards him by all Africans, as well as by the communities of the Hellenes and Arabs of Egypt and All Africa.  '''''Recently featured:''''' [[Paschal HomilyRaphael Morgan]], [[Holy Week]], [[Pachomius the GreatGeorges Florovsky]], [[ChrismationTheodoros II (Choreftakis) of Alexandria]], [[Sava the NewPaschal Homily]], [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside RussiaPachomius the Great]]. ''Newly View all [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented on '''Saturdays'''.''<noinclude>
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