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Thomas Aquinas

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Early in 1274 the Pope directed him to attend the Second Council of Lyons and, though far from well, he undertook the journey. On the way he stopped at the castle of a niece and there became seriously ill. He wished to end his days in a monastery and not being able to reach a house of the Dominicans he was taken to the Cistercians. He died at the monastery of Fossanova, one mile from Sonnino, on [[March 7]], 1274.
Aquinas had made a remarkable impression on all who knew him. He was placed on a level with the [[Apostle Paul]] and [[Augustine of Hippo|Augustine]], receiving the title titles ''doctor angelicus'' ('''''Angelic Doctor) and ''doctor communis'''(Common Doctor).
In 1319, the Roman Catholic Church began investigations preliminary to Aquinas's canonization; on [[July 18]], 1323, he was pronounced a [[saint]] by Pope John XXII at Avignon. At the [[Council of Trent]] only two books were placed on the Altar, the Bible and St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica.

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