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Patrologia Graeca

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The '''''Patrologia Graeca''''' (or also ''Patrologiæ Græcæ, '' or ''Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca'') is an edited collection of writings by the Christian [[Church Fathers]] and various secular writers, in Koine Greek, or medieval variants of the language. It consists of 161 volumes produced in 1857–1866 by J. P. Migne's ''Imprimerie Catholique''. It includes both the Eastern Fathers and those Western authors who wrote before Latin became predominant in the West in the 3rd century, e.g. , the early writings collectively known as the [[Apostolic Fathers]], such as the ''[[Epistles of Clement ]]'' and the ''[[Shepherd of Hermas]]'', [[Eusebiusof Caesarea|Eusebius]], [[Origen]], and the [[Cappadocian Fathers ]] [[Basil the Great]], [[Gregory of Nazianzus]], and [[Gregory of Nyssa]].
The 161 volumes are bound as 166 (vols. 16 and 87 being in three parts and vol. 86 in two). An important final volume, which included some supplements and a full index, was never published, as the plates were destroyed in a fire (1868) at the printer.
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