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Birth Control and Contraception

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Many people, on all sides, believe that this change in thinking on this issue of contraception has not received adequate examination. Too often it has become tied up in identity politics, with various groups accusing the other of western influence. It is true that this discussion is closely related to a number of complex issues that have not fully been addressed in Orthodox theology. Roman Catholics are sometimes bewildered by how the Orthodox Church could allow such a change in teaching. One might respond by saying that the dynamics of the Orthodox tradition function much differently than Rome's, and that this issue must be worked through in a manner quite different from a magisterial decree.
It must be noted that the Fathers of the Church, such as Ss. Clement of Alexandria, Athanasius the Great, John Chrysostom, Epiphanios, Jerome, Ambrose, Augustine of Hippo, Caesarious, Gregory the Great, Augustine of Canterbury and Maximos the Confessor, all explicitely condemned contraception, {{fact}} whether abortive or non-abortive. As of yet, there is yet to be a single Orthodox Saint who did not consider the use of contraception to be a grave sin.
Vocal opponents to the current secularized view of contraception in Orthodoxy include [incomplete]: