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Wednesday of the Fourth Week after Pascha: Mid-feast of Pentecost: +wikipedia:Mid-Pentecost
===Wednesday of the Fourth Week after Pascha: Mid-feast of Pentecost===
Wednesday of the Fourth Week , thus the 25th day of Pascha, is called the feast of Mid-Pentecost, at which Christ, "in the middle of the feast" teaches men of his saving mission and offers to all "the waters of immortality", from the Gospel of St John (7:14).
Again the faithful are reminded of the Master's presence and his saving promise: "If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink" (John 7:37). There are three [[Old Testament]] readings appointed for [[Vespers]]; but, uniquely, no [[Matins]] Gospel. In some places an [[All-Night Vigil]] is celebrated for this feast, though a Vigil is not called for in the [[Typicon]]. At the [[Divine Liturgy]], the reading from the [[Epistle|Apostle]] is Acts: 14:6-18, from the Gospel, John:7:14-30. The [[icon]] of the feast depicts the young Jesus in the [[Temple]] in [[holy city of Jerusalem|Jerusalem]] speaking with the Elders (Luke: 2:46-47), the first biblical example of Jesus as teacher (rabbi). In traditional Orthodox icons of this subject, the figure of Jesus is depicted larger than those of the Elders, showing his superior spiritual status. Mid-Pentecost has an [[Afterfeast]] of seven days with its [[apodosis]]. Throughout these eight days (including the day of the feast) [[hymn]]s of Mid-Pentecost are joined to those of the Paschal season.
==Fifth Sunday of Pascha: The Samaritan Woman ==

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