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1921-1926: Initial Cooperation: add link
In 1926 in Karlovtsy, the ROCOR bishops met together. Platon was present and asked to renounce the "temporary autonomy" that had been proclaimed by his council in 1924. Upon his refusal, the assembled bishops condemned the Detroit sobor as "extremely dangerous and harmful for the interests of the Russian Church in America" (quoted in Young, p. 34). Platon responded with another sobor in America in January of 1927 which labelled the ROCOR as "uncanonical." One of Platon's bishops, [[Apollinary (Koshevoy) of San Francisco|Apollinary (Koshevoy)]], dissented, proclaiming his loyalty to the ROCOR, and was expelled from the Metropolia.
That the Metropolia was part of the ROCOR during this period is attested to by St. [[John Maximovitch]] in his reference to the 1926 split: "Notwithstanding the departure from the Church Abroad — and, one may say, from the Russian Church altogether — of Metropolitans [[Eulogius (Georgievsky) of Paris|Evlogy ]] and Platon with their followers, the Russian Orthdox [''sic''] Church Outside of Russia remains the free part of the Russian Church."[]
===1926-1934: The Way Apart===

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