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Christ the Bridegroom

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The [[Kontakion]] for Sunday evening, eighth tone.
:''Jacob lamented the loss of Joseph, but that noble one was seated in a chariot and honored as a king; for by not being enslaved then to the pleasures of the Egyptian woman, he was glorified by Him that beholdeth the hearts of men and bestoweth an incorruptible crown.''
=== The Hymn of the Bridegroom ===
:''Behold, the Bridegroom comes in the middle of the night, and blessed is the servant He shall find vigilant; but unworthy is he whom he shall find neglectful. Beware therefore O my soul, lest you be weighed down by sleep, lest you be given over to death and be closed out from the kingdom; but rise up crying out: “Holy! Holy! Holy are You our God; through the intercessions of the Theotokos, have mercy on us."''
=== Holy Monday evening ===
The [[Kontakion]] for Monday evening, second tone.
:''Being mindful of the hour of the end, O my soul, and fearing because of the cutting down of the fig tree, labor diligently with the talent that was given thee, O hapless one, and be watchful and cry: Let us not remain outside the bridal chamber of Christ.''
===Holy Tuesday evening ===
'''[[Hymn]], Tone 8:'''
:''The woman who had fallen into many sins,'':''perceiving Your divinity, O Lord,'':''Received the dignity of a [[myrrh-bearer]],'':''For with lamentation she brought fragrant myrrh to You before Your burial.'':''And she cried: Woe is me, for love of sin and stings of lustful passion envelop me as the night, dark and moonless.'':''As You cause the clouds to drop down the waters of the sea, accept the fountain of my tears.'':''As by Your indescribable condescension You bowed down the heavens,'':''so incline to the groaning of my heart.'':''I shall kiss Your most pure feet and wipe them with the hair of my head,'':''Those same feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise when she hid herself in fear.'':''Who can count the multitude of my sins?'':''Who can measure the depths of Your judgements, O Saviour of my soul?'':''Do not turn away from me, Your servant, for You have immeasurable mercy.''
== The Kontakion for Holy Wednesday ==
The '''[[Kontakion]] for Tuesday evening, fourth tone.
:''I have transgressed far more than the harlot, O Good One, yet have never brought you showers of tears;'':''but entreating in silence, I fall before you, as I kiss your immaculate feet with love,'':''that as Master you may grant me forgiveness of offences, as I cry out,'':''O Saviour: deliver me from the filth of my works.''
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