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Apostle John

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[[Image:John the Theologian.jpg|right|frame|St. John the Theologian, Apostle and Evangelist]]
[[Image:Patmos.JPG|right|frame|Cave of the Apocalypse - showing the rock with the "trinitarian" split]]
The holy, glorious and all-laudable '''Apostle and Evangelist John''' is also known as '''John the Theologian'''. He was one of the original twelve [[Apostles]], and wrote the [[Gospel of John|Gospel]] bearing his name; three canonical letters: [[I John]], [[II John]], and [[III John]]; and the [[Book of Revelation]]. His primary [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[May 8]], that of the twelve apostles on [[June 30]], and his repose on [[September 26]].
"Account of the [[miracle]] that occurred at his grave:
When over 100 years old, St. John took seven [[disciple]]s outside of Ephesus and had them dig a grave in the shape of a cross. St. John then went into the grave, and the disciples buried him there, alive. Later on, when his grave was opened, St. John's body was not there. 'On May 8 of each year, dust rises up from his grave, by which the sick are healed of various diseases.' " []
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