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Robber Council of Ephesus

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The '''Robber Council of Ephesus''' was convoked by Emperor [[Theodosius II]] on [[August 8]], 449 for the purpose of adjudicating the findings of the council of November 448 chaired by [[Flavian the Confessor|Flavian of Constantinople ]] that had deposed and excommunicated the [[Archimandrite]] Eutyches for refusing to admit the two natures of Christ. The council, under the chair of [[Dioscorus of Alexandria]] and support of Emperor [[Theodosius II]], found in favor of Eutyches and deposed Flavian of Constantinople.
Domnus, Patriarch of Antioch, was the first to note this error by Eutyches. In November 448, Flavian, the Patriarch of Constantinople, convened a council in Constantinople during which a formal accusation of Eutyches’ error was made against him by Eusebius, [[Bishop]] of Dorylaeum (Phrygia). After hearing Eutyches, the council deposed and excommunicated Eutyches for refusing to admit two natures in Christ after the incarnation.
Upon appeal by Eutyches to the sympathetic emperor and other bishops, including Dioscorus, Theodosius convoked, with the agreement of Pope [[Leo the Great|Leo of Rome]], a council to determine whether in the 448 council Flavian had justly deposed and excommunicated Eutyches

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