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Christian virtues: add link
*[[Wisdom]] - The wise man is the one who sees clearly and deeply into the mysteries of God.
*[[Honesty]] - To be truthful at all times and lacking in hypocrisy.
*[[Humility]] – ([[Meekness]]) To see reality as it actually is in God. It means to know oneself and others as known by God.
*[[Obedience]] - To do the will of God is glory and life.
*[[Patience]] (Diligence) - To put up with one's self and others, growing gradually in the grace of God through the daily effort to keep His commandments and to accomplish His will.
*[[Gratitude]] (Contentment) - The spiritual person is the one who is grateful for everything.
*[[Love]] - The greatest virtue of all is love. If we do not love one another, we cannot love God, for God is love.
*[[Wikipedia:Virtue|''Virtue'' at Wikipedia]]