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Timeline of Orthodoxy in New Zealand

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Immigrants from Lebanon and Warsaw Pact Nations (1975-1999)
==Immigrants from Lebanon and Warsaw Pact Nations (1975-1999)==
*1975-1985: Lebanese Civil War sees displacement of large numbers of Arabic speaking Orthodox to the new world countries, especially where communities had been previously established. Significant numbers arrive in Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin.
*1976: Romanian Orthodox Church establishes a parish in Wellington, the Dormition of the Mother of God, with priest George Speranta.
*1980: Mitred Archpriest Alexey Godyaew retires.
*1980: Hieromonk Ambrose (Mooney) returns from [[monasticism|monastic]] formation in Serbia and is seconded by the Serbian Church to the Russian Church. He assumes the [[parish]] duties of Archpriest Alexey Godyaew in NZ's three Russian parishes.