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Church of Jerusalem

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website=[http://www.jerusalem-patriarchate.orginfo/ Church of Jerusalem]
The '''Church of Jerusalem''' is the mother church of all of Christendom, because it was in Jerusalem that the Church was established on the day of [[Pentecost]] with the descent of the [[Holy Spirit]] on the disciples of [[Jesus Christ]]. From Jerusalem the gospel of Christ was spread to the world.
==External links==
*[http://www.jerusalem-patriarchate.orginfo/ Official Website of the Church of Jerusalem] (Main page)*[ Official Website of the Church of Jerusalem] (English)
* [ Eastern Christian Churches: The Patriarchate of Jerusalem] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar
*[ Rum Orthodox Ivri: The Website of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Community within Israeli Society], served by Fr. Alexander Winogradsky, a priest of Jewish ethnicity serving mainly in Hebrew

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