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Church of Jerusalem

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name= Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem[[Image:Jerusalem logo.gif|center|Church of Jerusalem]]|
founder= The [[Apostles]]|
independence= Traditional |
recognition= 692 451 by [[Quinisext Fourth Ecumenical Council]] |primate=Metropolitan Cornelius of Petras [[Theophilus III (locum tenensGiannopoulos)of Jerusalem|Patr. Theophilus]]|
hq=Jerusalem, Israel|
territory=Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States (except Kuwait)|possessions= United States, South America|language=Greek, English, Arabic|
music=[[Byzantine Chant]]|
calendar=[[Julian Calendar|Julian]]|
website=[http://www.jerusalem-patriarchate.orginfo/ Church of Jerusalem]
The '''Church of Jerusalem''' is the mother church "Mother of all Churches" of all of Christendom, because it was in Jerusalem that the Church was established on the day of [[Pentecost]] with the descent of the [[Holy Spirit]] on the disciples of [[Jesus Christ]]. From Jerusalem the gospel of Christ was spread to the world.
As Christianity spread, and the persecutions of the Jews by Roman authorities in their homeland increased, causing the dispersion of many of the Christians from Jerusalem, the import of this church and its impact on the ongoing life of the whole Church diminished. As other churches gained ascendency, namely the Churches of [[Church of Rome|Rome]], [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]], [[Church of Alexandria|Alexandria]], and [[Church of Antioch|Antioch]], the Church of Jerusalem was accorded a place of honor with them among the five original Christian [[patriachatespatriarchate]] s of the Christian world, called the ''[[Pentarchy]]''.
The Church of Jerusalem remains the custodian of many of the holy sites in Jerusalem and environs, sometimes jointly with [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] or [[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Coptic]] or [[Church of Armenia|Armenian]] Christians, including the [[Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)|Church of the Holy Sepulchre]] in Jerusalem and the [[Church of the Nativity (Bethlehem)|Church of the Nativity]] in Bethlehem.
Lately there has been criticism of the church leadership by Palestinian faithful, who accuse the Greek-speaking and largely Greek-born leadership of squandering their money and treating their Arabic-speaking members as second-class faithful.
Following the recent [[deposition ]] of Patriarch [[Irenaios I (SkopelitiSkopelitis) of Jerusalem|Irenaios I]] following amidst scandals regarding the transfer of land to Jewish control, the Holy Synod of the church has named as their [[locum tenens|temporary primate ]] His Eminence Metropolitan [[Cornelius (Rodousakis) of Petra]]. On [[August 22]], 2005, the Holy Synod unanimously elected the former Archbishop of PetrasTabor, ''locum tenens'' [[Theophilus III (Giannopoulos) of Jerusalem|Theophilus]], as the Holy City 141st Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine.
<!-- ==History==
The first Apostolic Council was held in ca. 49-52AD and ruled that the Gentiles do not have to become Jews before becoming Christians.
{{stub}}In 70 AD, the Roman Emperor [[w:Titus|Titus]] captured and destroyed Jerusalem. The Jewish temple was demolished, and, under difficult conditions, the Christians moved to Pella on the east bank of the Jordan River.
By 135 AD, the Roman Emperor [[w:Hadrian|Hadrian]] built a pagan temple over the ruins of Golgotha and covered the Holy Tomb with dirt. A new Roman city was declared and named ''Aelia Capitolina''. Although Christians were then permitted to return to Jerusalem, the Jewish people were not. In the meantime, Christianity spread throughout Palestine; many communities and episcopacies were created under the primacy of the Metropolitan of Caesaria.
By 326 AD, St. Helena visited Jerusalem to rediscover the ruins of the old Jerusalem. During the excavations, she discovered three crosses, and through a miraculous event the [[True Cross]] of Christ was discovered. Her son, St. [[Constantine the Great]] commissioned the demolition of the Roman buildings and the construction of the [[Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)|Church of the Holy Sepulchre]].
==Holy places of worship==
*The [[Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)]]
*St. Sion
*St. Bethlahem
*The lake of Tiberiados
*Cana of Galilea
*The village of the shepards
*The kathisma of the Panagia
*St. Gethsimani
===Places of importance===
*Church of the Nativity (Bethlehem)
*Holy Fire
*Museum of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
*St Michael's Church (Jaffa)
*[[St. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)|Holy Monastery of St. Catherine]] ([[Mount Sinai]]), believed to be the site of the [[Burning Bush]] from the Old Testament, belonging to [[Church of Sinai]].
#The [[Holy Lavra of St. Savas (Jerusalem)|Holy Lavra of St. Savas the Hegiasmenos]] (Mar Saba)
#The Monastery of St. George the Hozevitou (location)
#The Monastery of St. Martha and Mary (Bethany)
#The Monastery of The Holy Archangels (Andromedos)
#The Monastery of St. [[Euthymius the Great|Eythymios]] the Great (Khan-Ahmar)
There are 25 monasteries within the city of Jerusalem:
#The Holy Monastery of Abraam, a dependency of the Holy Sepulchre
#The Holy Monastery of St. [[Haralampus of Magnesia|Haralampus]]
#The Holy Monastery of the Forerunner
#The Holy Monastery of the Archangels
#The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas
#The Holy Monastery of Ss. Theodore
#The Holy Monastery of St. George the Jew
#The Holy Monastery of St. George of the hospital
#The Holy Monastery of St. Basil
#The Holy Monastery of St. Katherine
#The Holy Monastery of St. Spyridon
#The Holy Monastery of St. Nikodemus
#The Holy Monastery of the Praetorium
#The Holy Monastery of St. Anne, the Mother of the Theotokos
#The Holy Monastery of St. Symeon of Katamonas
#The Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross
#The Holy Monastery of St. Onouphrious
#The Holy Monastery of St. Sion, also the Patriarchal Theological college
#The Holy Monastery of St. Stephen
#The Holy Monastery of St. Panteleimon
#The Holy Monastery of the Resurrection
#The Holy Monastery of St. Modestos
#The Holy Monastery of the Great Panagia (female)
#The Holy Monastery of St. Euthymios (female)
#The Holy Monastery of Panagia "Seidanagias"
There are two churches in Jerusalem, the Church of St. Demetrios and the Church of St. Thekla. There is also the cathedral church of St. James the Brother of the Lord, which also has two chapels dedicated to the Myrrh-bearers and the Forty Holy Martyrs of Jerusalem. The chapel of the Forty Holy Martyrs holds the relics of all the patriarchs of Jerusalem.
<!--- ===Unclear===
*The Holy Monastery of St. Theodosios (Nder Impn, Ambet - Bethlehem) - Archimandrite Theodosios died 105 years old [[January 11]], 532 AD. --->
==Saints and Elders==
The [[Holy Land]] has been primarily sanctified by the presence of [[Christ]], however, through his divine economy, the Holy Land has also generated a cloud of [[Martyrs]], Hierarchs and [[Saints]]. Some of these include:
* the Holy Apostles
* St. [[Sabbas the Sanctified]] of Palestine ([[December 5]])
==See also==
*[[List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem]]
*[[Monastery at the Shepherds Field (East Jerusalem, Israel)]]
*[[New Church of St. Mary, the Theotokos (Jerusalem)]]
*[[Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem in North and South America]]
==External links==
*[ Jerusalem Church]*[http://www.jerusalem-patriarchate.orginfo/ Official Website of the Church of Jerusalem] (Main page)**[ Greek Orthodox Church of St. George], Taybeh (Palestine)*[ Interviews with Christians in the Holy Land] ([[Ancient Faith Radio]])*[ Eastern Christian Churches: The Patriarchate of Jerusalem] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar*[http:/home/homefrwww.htm Official Rum Orthodox Ivri: The Website of the Church Eastern Orthodox Christian Community within Israeli Society], served by Fr. Alexander Winogradsky, a priest of Jerusalem] (English)Jewish ethnicity serving mainly in Hebrew  {{churches}}
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