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How to Contribute
Hop right in -- just click '''edit''' (at the top of any page) to begin. Click the [[Help:Editing|editing help]] link for details on creating your new page. Create a link to a new page -- using double brackets around a word or a set of words, like this: '''<nowiki>[[Apostle Peter]]</nowiki>''' -- and then click on it to create that page. Be sure to take a look at [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual]] (in development) for our community standards and guidelines for articles.
Don't worry about messing up or breaking '''OrthodoxWiki''' -- your work can always be cleaned up and honed by others, which is part of the spirit of this project.
The WYSIWIG editor helps with most browsers. We also recommend the [ Wikipedia Extension] for [ Mozilla Firefox].
Want to adopt '''OrthodoxWiki''' in a language besides English? Let us know! Driven to submit a new logo? We'd love to see it! Contact us at ''info at orthodoxwiki dot org''.
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