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== New Testament references ==
Elijah is frequently mentioned in the [[New Testament]]. In [[Gospel of John|John]] 1:25 the priests and Levites said to [[John the Baptist]], "Why [[baptism|baptizest]] thou, if thou be not that [[Christ]], nor Elias?" Paul ([[Book of Romans|Romans]] 11:2) refers to an incident in his history to illustrate his argument that God had not cast away his people. (See also [[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 4:25; 9:54.)
Elijah was similar to John the Baptist in the sternness and power of his reproofs (Luke 9:8). According to [[Gospel of Matthew|Matthew]] 11:11, he was the Elijah that "must first come" (Matt. 11:11, 14). In John the Baptist one can see "the same connection with a wild and wilderness country; the same long retirement in the desert; the same sudden, startling entrance on his work (1 Kings 17:1; Luke 3:2); even the same dress, a hairy garment, and a leather girdle about the loins (2 Kings 1:8; Matt. 3:4)."

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