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Cyrus of Alexandria

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'''Cyrus of Alexandria''' was a [[Melchite]] Greek Orthodox patriarch of the Egyptian [[Patriarch of Alexandria|see of Alexandria]] in the seventh century, one of the authors of [[Monothelitism]] and last [[Byzantine Empire|Byzantine]] prefect of Egypt; died about 641. He is condemned as heretic
Cyrus' communications with Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam, also survive to this day.<sup>[],[]</sup> Cyrus offered Maria, a Coptic girl, as a gift to Prophet Mohammad.<sup>[]</sup>
Cyrus was posthumously condemned as a heretic in the Lateran Council of 649 ([[Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger|Denzinger]], Enchiridion, 217, 219) and in 680 at the [[Third Sixth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople|Third Œcumenical Council of Constantinople]] (Denzinger, 238; Mansi, XI, 554)together with Pope Honorius and patriarchs Pyrus, Paul and Sergius .
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