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ROCOR and OCA (Special Feature)
<!--- COMMENT ON [[Category_talk:Featured Articles]] TO GET YOUR ARTICLE FEATURED ---><div style="float:left;margin-right:0.9em;"><!---[[Image:noneTikhon of Moscow.gifjpg|100px|St. [[Tikhon of Moscow]] ]]<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->
<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->'''[[Image:Pascha.jpgROCOR and OCA|100px|leftThe ROCOR and the OCA]]'''have a complicated history of cooperation, rivalry, and sometimes outright hostility. These two [[Paschajurisdiction]]''' ({{lang-el|Πασχα}})s, also called '''Easter''', is the feast of the '''[[Resurrection]] of the [[Jesus Christ|LordRussian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]'''. ''Pascha'' is a transliteration of (ROCOR) and the Greek word, which is itself a transliteration of the Hebrew ''pesach'', both words meaning ''[[PassoverOrthodox Church in America]]''. ' (A minority of English-speaking Orthodox prefer the English word 'Pasch.'OCAPascha normally falls either one or five weeks later than the feast as observed by Christians who follow , both have their origins in the [[Gregorian calendarChurch of Russia]](a. However, occasionally the two observances coincide, and some years they can be two, four, or six weeks apart (but never three)k. The reason for the difference is that the older [[Julian Calendar]] uses a different [[paschalion]], the formula for calculating the date of Pascha. This formula was determined by the [[First Ecumenical Council]]. If Pascha falls on [[March 25]], the date of the [[Annunciation]], the resultant celebration is termed ''[[Kyriopascha]]Moscow Patriarchate'' or ''MP''), and their histories as clearly distinct and identifiable entities both stem from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in the early 20th century.  
'''''Recently featured:''''' [[Pascha]], [[Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)|Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)]], [[Book of Kells]], [[Archangel Gabriel]], [[Alexis of Wilkes-Barre]], [[Theophany]], [[Nativity]], [[Theological School of Halki]], [[Alexander Nevsky]], [[Episcopi vagantes]], [[Joseph the Hesychast]], [[Eucharist]]. ''Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented on '''Saturdays'''.''
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