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Leavetaking of Pascha
A reminder that the Lord has anointed our eyes with his own divine hands and washed them with the waters of our baptism.
===Leavetaking of Pascha===Pascha has its [[Leavetaking]] on the thirty-ninth day, Wednesday of the sixth week of Pascha. In some traditions, the services of the day are celebrated as on the day of Pascha itself, although the daily readings from Holy [[Scripture]] differ. After the [[Dismissal]] at the Liturgy, the paschal hymns are no longer sung, while the prayer "O Heavenly King" is not said or sung until [[Pentecost]]. The Winding Sheet ([[Epitaphios|Plaschanitsa]]) is taken from the [[altar]] and is put in its proper place.
===Ascension of Our Lord===
On the fortieth day after his passover, Jesus ascended into heaven to be glorified on the right hand of God. The [[Ascension]] of Christ is his final physical departure from this world after the resurrection. It is the formal completion of his mission in this world as the Messianic Saviour. It is his glorious return to the Father who had sent him into the world to accomplish the work that he had given him to do (John 17:4-5).
==Seventh Sunday of Pascha: Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council==

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