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Gabriel (Dožić) of Serbia

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Early life
== Early life ==
The future patriarch was born in Donja Morača and given the [[baptism]]al name "Đorđe." He was born in famous Medenica clan. As boy he gon for monastery Morača, wher his uncle Mihailo was igumen. Đorđe graduated from [[seminary]] in Prizren in 1901 and then obtained a theology doctorate in Athens in 1904. Next he was [[tonsure]]d as seminarian and [[ordain]]ed a [[priest]] on [[March 4]]/[[March 17|17]], by Bishop Nikanor of Niš in Sićevac Monastery. Gabriel then became Secretary General of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Hilandar Monastery]], reporting to the Serbian embassy in Constantinople. He also visited Switzerland and France in order to study French.
Gabriel was elected Metropolitan of Raška and Prizren on [[December 4]]/[[December 17|17]], 1911. He served this [[see]] until 1913, when he was transferred to the see of Peć. After Serbia and Montenegro were ocupied 1915 Metropolitan Gavrilo was taken in concetration camp in Hungary. Gavrilo came back in November 1918. Agile Metropolitan participed in work of Grand National Assembly of Montenegro. This assembly decided that Serbia and Montenegro will unified again, after 500 years He was elected Metropolitan of Montenegro and Coastlands on [[November 17]]/[[November 30|30]], 1920.
== Patriarch ==
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