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Gabriel (Dožić) of Serbia

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== Patriarch ==
He was elected patriarch on [[February 21]]/[[March 6]], 1938. As a new patriarch, he was very successful in resolving problems. First step was reconciliation between Synod and Governmant. Patriarch Gavrilo also put a lot efforts ind building campus for students of Orthodox Theologichal Faculty of Belgrade University. He continued building of St. Sava Temple. All Serbian Bishops gave large donations. Also some bishops of ROCOR and Church of Bulgaria gave significent donations. He was an outspoken critic of Nazism, so he, together with St. Nikolaj, was arrested. He was first under house arrest in the [[monastery|monasteries]] of Rakovacia and Vojlovica, and later in Dachau. After the war he was not permitted to come back until [[November 14]], 1946. He created six new [[diocese]]s after the war. He put a lot of effort in dealing with the new regime. He died on [[May 7]], 1950. His remains are buried in Belgrade Cathedral Church together with those of Princes Miloš and Mihajlo.
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