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Michael (Donskoff) of Geneva

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{{cleanup}}His Grace, '''Bishop Michael (Donskoff) of Geneva and Western Europe''' was born on [[March 29]], 1943, in Paris, France to the family of Don Cossack Vasiliy Semenovich Donskoff. He received his education in France and completed the 10-year Russian school of A. M. Osorgina where he studied the Law of God, literature, Russian language, and history. Since 1951 he particpated participated in church of choirs at youth camps and in 1960 became a choir director. Between 1965 and 1966 he completed his military service, where he served in the medical corp. In 1966 he received the Diplome de Moniteur de Colonies de Vacances, which allowed him to become an instructor in Orthodox youth camps, directing youth camps in France and Austria. In 1994 and 1995 he also directed youth camps in Russia. At the same time he worked in hospitals and reanimation clinics in Paris.
In 1979 he was [[tonsure]]d [[reader]] by Archbishop [[Anthony (Bartoshevich) of Geneva|Anthony (Bartoshevich)]]. In 1980, he was [[ordination|ordained]] sub-deacon. In 1981, he was ordained [[deacon]] by Archbishop Anthony and in 1991 he was ordained a [[priest]]. On Bright Friday of 1996, he was tonsured a [[monk]] by [[Vitaly (Ustinov) of New York|Metropolitan Vitaly]] and on Thomas Sunday he was elevated to the rank of [[abbot]]. On the feast of Ss Peter and Paul that same year he was consecrated [[bishop]] of Tornoto, [[auxiliary bishop|vicar]] for the administration of the Montreal and Canada [[diocese]]. At the Council of Bishops in 2006, he was transferred to the Geneva and Western European Diocese.

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