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Daily life: changed greek names to english, per article names and Style Manual
==Daily life==
When founding the monastery, Elder Sophrony wanted to be sure that his community would not just have outward conformity, but have its focus on inner asceticism. The [[typikon]] of the monastery, consisting of repetition of the [[Jesus Prayer]] for approximately 4 hours per day and [[Divine Liturgy]] three or four times per week, found inspiration in Elder Sophrony's experience in the Athonite desert, and precedent in Athonite skete practise, St [[Nikodemos Nicodemus of the AthoniteHoly Mountain|NikodemosNicodemus]] and St [[Paisios Paisius Velichkovsky]].
Also, another distinctive part of this monastery is that it is a double monastery; that is, the community has both [[monks]] and [[nuns]]. This is rare, but is not unheard of, in Orthodox monasticism.