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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Theotokos of Vladimir.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady Theotokos]]
</div>[[Apostles]] [[Apostle Stachys|Stachys]], [[Apostle Amplias|Amplias]], [[Apostle Urban|Urban]], [[Apostle Narcissus|Narcissus]], [[Apostle Apelles|Apelles]], and [[Apostle Aristobulus|Aristobulus]] of the Seventy; [[Martyr]] Epimachus of Alexandria; [[Saint]]s Spyridon and Nicodemus the [[prosphora]]-bakers of the [[Kiev Caves]]; Saint Maura of Constantinople; Saint Anatolius, recluse of the Kiev Caves; [[New-Martyr]] Nicholas of Chios; Martyrs Stephen, Barnabas, Trophimus, Dorymedon, Cosmas, Damian, Sabbas, Bassa, Abraham, and others with them; Martyr Gordian; Martyr Epimachus the Roman; Martyrs Seleucius and Stratonica his wife, [[myrrh-gusher]]s; First [[Priest]]-martyr of the Russian Revolution [[John Kochurov]]; Martyr Foillan, [[Abbot]] of Fosses; Saint Quentin; Saint Begu, [[nun]] of Hackness; Saint James, [[Bishop]] of Mygdonia, one of the 318 fathers of [[First Council of Nicaea|Nicaea]]; Saint Erc, Bishop of Lilcach.