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Abraam of Fayoum

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== [[Miracle]]s ==
It happened that Anba Abraam received furniture for the episcopate. He refused to use it, and asked the servant to put it in storage. When a woman came to him complaining that her daughter's engagement would not result in a wedding, because they didn't have money to buy furniture for her and her future husband, Anba Abraam told the servant to show her the new furniture, and let her take what she needed. Some of the people complained to Pope Kyrillos V about giving away the furniture. Afterwards, there was a collection to build a new house of the episcopate. Anba Abraam gave that money also to the poor and the needy: another complaint. The Pope summoned him, and he went without delay, though he was an old man, with poor eyesight. On his arrival, he was rushed in to see the Pope in his suite. It was a summer afternoon, a ray of the sun through a hole in the shade of the window was mistaken by Anba Abraam as a robe rope (for hanging clothes, which was a habit in those days to install robes ropes for hanging clothes). Anba Abraam threw his "farageyia" (coat) on it, and it stayed there! The Pope, seeing how the Lord is working wonders to support and not embarrass this saint on earth, changed the purpose of the call, and instead inquired about his health and gave him 15,000 Egyptian Pounds to build a new house for the episcopate. When the people came back to see the Pope, he scolded them for their lack of faith, concluding, "How can I argue with a man of God who was able to hang his coat on a ray of the sun?" The new house of the episcopate was not built in Anba Abraam's lifetime. The money was again used to help the poor.
Countless other miracles occurred during St. Abraam's earthly life and after his departure to Heaven. Miracles also continue to occur to this day through the intercession of St. Abraam.

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