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Euthymius the Great

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When Euthymius was ninety-six years old (in A.D. 473), he depared to the Lord. He had established religious communities throughout Palestine.
==Hymns==[[Troparion]] (Tone 4):Rejoice, O barren wilderness!:And be glad, sterile desert, that has never known the travail of birth!:The man of desires has multiplied your sons;:He has planted them in faith and piety.:He has watered them with the Holy Spirit::They grow in self-denial and perfect virtue.:Through His intercessions, O Christ God, preserve Your people in peace![[Kontakion]] (Tone 8):The wilderness rejoiced at your birth, holy father Euthymius.:In your memory, it brings a harvest of joy through your many miracles.:Pour these wonders on our souls as well and cleanse us from our sins,:That we may sing: Alleluia!
==Sources and further reading==
* ''Lives of the Saints for the Whole Year'' by St. [[Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain]] (18th century) (primary source)
* [ Saint Euthymius The Great -- Encyclopædia Britannica (subscription - free trial available)]
* [ Icon of St. Euthymius (]
* [ Venerable Euthymius the Great] from [[OCA]]'s life of Euthymius]web site.

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