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<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:Halki.jpg|left|150px]]The '''''[[Holy Theological School Episcopal Assembly of Halki|Theological School of HalkiNorth and Central America]]''''' was established to meet the educational needs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople as well as of the Orthodox Church in general. Since its establishment , founded in 18442010, the school has passed through a number consists of organizations. Initially, between 1844 and 1899 all the school operated with four high school grades and three theological grades. During the period active Orthodox bishops of 1899 North and 1923 the high school grades were discontinued and the school functioned as an Academy of five gradesCentral America, representing multiple jurisdictions. Between 1923 and 1951 the school reactivated It is the high school grades as originally established in 1844. In 1951 the educational program was again modified successor to consisted of three high school grades SCOBA, and four theological grades. This arrangement continued until 1971 when the school was closed after passage of it is not, properly speaking, a law that prohibited operation of privately owned schools of higher education in Turkey. It has remained closed since although the facilities have been visited and used by Orthodox friends and faithfulsynod. The Patriarchate has hoped that promises from Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America is one of several such bodies around the Turkish government to allow world which operate in the seminary to reopen would be enactedso-called "diaspora."
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