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The Ladder of Divine Ascent

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Written by St. [[John Climacus]], it is a guide - initially for monastics but soon to all of the faithful - on avoiding vice and practicing virtue so that at the end, salvation can be obtained. It is one of the most highly influential and important works used by the Church as far as guiding the faithful to a God-centered life, second only to Holy Scripture.
== History of ''The Ladder'' ==
John, whilst a hermit living at the Sinai Peninsula, was recognized for his humility, obedience, wisdom (which was attained through spiritual experience) and discrenment. He already had a reputation for being extremely knowledgable on practicing a holy life. St. John, igumen of the Raithu Monastery one day asked St. John Climacus (also known as John of Sinai) to write down his wisdom in a book. At first hesistant to take on such a task, John of Sinai honored the request and he proceeded to write ''The Ladder.''
== Structure and Purpose ==
== Guide to Reading ''The Ladder'' ==
== References ==
#Orthodox Church in America, biography on St. John of Sinai
#The Ladder of Divine Ascent, published by Holy Transfiguration Monastery

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