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<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:Covered Vessels 2.jpg|left|150px]]''The '''[[EucharistEpiscopal Assembly of North and Central America]]''''' comes from the Greek meaning ''giving thanks''. Other names for the Eucharist include: the ''Holy Gifts'', ''Communion''founded in 2010, and consists of all the ''Body active Orthodox bishops of North and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ''Central America, representing multiple jurisdictions. [[Orthodox Church|Orthodox Christians]] believe that the Real Presence of God (not merely a sign) It is present after the [[consecration]] of the Gifts. The Eucharist successor to SCOBA, and it is the center of life in the Orthodox Church because the Church is primarily not, properly speaking, a eucharistic communitysynod. The Eucharist is the completion of all Episcopal Assembly of the Church's other sacraments North and the source and the goal of all of the Church's doctrines and institutions. The faithful receive Holy Communion on a spoon. They are given both the consecrated bread (NIKA) and the sanctified wine. The communion of the faithful Central America is always from the gifts offered and sanctified at the given Divine Liturgy. All who are [[Preparation for Holy Communion|prepared]] members one of several such bodies around the Orthodox Church through world which operate in the [[sacrament]]s of [[baptism]] and [[chrismation]], including small children and infants, may partake of Holy Communionso-called "diaspora."
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