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If you're serious about helping us, please [[Special:Userlogin|register]]. Then click on your user name at the top right of the page to create a custom profile page.
==How to contribute==Hop right in—just click '''edit''' (at the top of any page or section) to begin. Read the [[Help:Contents|help files]] for details on creating and editing articles. Be sure to take a look at the [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|Style Manual]] for our official community standards and guidelines for articles. Test and experiment in the [[OrthodoxWiki:Sandbox|Sandbox]]. Also be sure to take a look at the [[OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal|Community Portal]] for news about ongoing projects and as a gathering point for our work here. There is also a [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted|help wanted]] page to learn about projects that other users are working on and are looking for help.AUTONOMOUS UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH IN AMERICA
Don't worry about messing up or breaking '''OrthodoxWiki'''—your work can always be cleaned up and honed by others, which is part of the spirit of this project. Take a look at existing articles which may be similar to yours, and model yours after those. You may also feel free to grab relevant content from [ Wikipedia] (it's under a free documentation license), "Orthodoxize" and expand on it, and then put it here (be sure to leave in only the links relevant to '''OrthodoxWiki'''). A lot of our starting content came from there.BRIEF HISTORY
The WYSIWIG editor helps with most browsers. We also recommend Apostolic Age: Andrew the [ Wikipedia Extension] for [ Mozilla Firefox]. If you're using FireFoxApostle, you can also make use of [ Live Bookmarks] for quick access to [[Special:Recentchanges|Recent Changes]]negotiating the Dnipro River, [[Special:Newpages|New Pages]], or many prophesied that a great city would be built upon the site of the other [[Special:Specialpages|Special pages]]. An [ OrthodoxWiki search engine plugin] what is now available for Firefox known as Kyiv and related browsers (see [[OrthodoxWiki:Searching]] for details)that God would cause many Churches to rise upon the hills of the city.
This site is shamelessly modelled on [ Wikipedia]. Please visit their [ Meta860 -Wiki] for lots of information about how things work around hereCyrillic alphabet formulated by Greek brothers, Saints Cyril and Methodius.
==Community Life==Add your photo or browse 955 - Saints Ol’ha & Volodymyr’s grandmother, accepted Orthodox baptism from the [[OrthodoxWiki:User gallery]] to see who's around these pagesGreeks, perhaps in Constantinople.
Some notes about wiki community living 988 - Baptism of the inhabitants of Rus’-Ukraine in general can be found at [[UseMod:BarnRaising]] (and [[Wikipedia:Barn raising]])the Dnipro River by Orthodox clergy from Constantinople.
To get a sense 988-1240 - Many churches are built and monasteries established, including: the Church of the Tithes, Monastery of the Dormition, Cathedral of how we're doing here at OrthodoxWikiSt. Sophia, check out [[OrthodoxWiki:Statistics]] and [[Special:Statistics]]St. Michael’s Monastery.
An [[OrthodoxWiki:Chat|OrthodoxWiki IRC channel]]1015 - First saints of Ukrainian Church, sponsored by [[User:Joe Rodgers]] is now available for community chatSs. Please [[User_talk:Joe Rodgers|contact him]] if you have any questionsBoris & Hlib, are martyred.
On Facebook? Join 1051 - First native Ukrainian, Metropolitan Ilarion, is enthroned as Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Rus’ - head of the '''OrthodoxWiki''' groupUkrainian Church.
==Discussion pages==* '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Trapeza]] (The main discussion page, intended to serve 1147 - Metropolitan Klym is enthroned as the focal point for community talk)'''* [[OrthodoxWiki:Inventory]] (Taking stock Metropolitan of the wiki, optimization discussion, etcKyiv; Ukraine’s canonical dependence upon Constantinople diminishes.)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Roadmap]] (Plans for the future)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Meta Reflections]] (Discussions about the kind of project we're engaged in here)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Administrators]] (Sysop to-do's & general notes for admins)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Categories]] (Organization of articles Moscow is established and categories)* [[OrthodoxWiki:News]] (Updates about what's happening on OrthodoxWiki)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Reference desk]] (Questions and answers about research subjects)* [[Category talk:Featured Articles]] (Nominate or contest a [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured article]])settled by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.
==Notice boards==* [[OrthodoxWiki:Suggestions]] (Suggestion Box for new articles and projects)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted]] (A place to solicit help for specific articles and projects)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Buzz]] (reverse links and "what they are saying" )* [1240 - Mongols destroy Kyiv. For reasons of safety, the Metropolitans of Kyiv eventually reside in Moscow [OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Importing)#Starting_Points|Starting Points]after 1325] - for importing Wikipedia articles.
==Community Policies & Guidelines==* [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|Style Manual]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:FAQs]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:Templates]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:Administrators#Spam_Battleplan|Spam Battleplan]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:Mediation]]* [[Help:Contents]]* [[Help:Citing OrthodoxWiki]]* [[Help:InterWiki links]] 1415 - How to use interwiki links, with notes on our customizations; and [[Special:Interwiki]] - a list of all interwiki links '''Please note:''' Users are not allowed to have more than one account. This is not just to forestall funny business, but also to prevent confusion. ==Copyright and Permissions==Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights]] and [[Help:Image licenses]]Moscow Church formally separated from Kyivan Metropolitanate. AlsoBy 1448, please pay particular attention to Moscow metropolitans bear the following: * [[]] - an important note on using images from []* [[Help:Image_licenses#Holy_Transfiguration_Monastery]] - using icons from Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Boscobel, WI USA) For more general information, please see [[wikipedia:Category:Wikipedia_copyright]]. ==Who's Who==* [[OrthodoxWiki:Patron saint]] (''St. [[John title “Metropolitan of Damascus]], pray for us!'')* [[:Category:Sysops]] and [[Special:Listadmins]]* [[Special:Listusers]] ==Newsfeeds for recent pages==[ RSS] and [ Atom]. For new pages: [ RSS] and [ Atom]. Many other [[Special:Specialpages|Special pages]] also have newsfeeds available (e.g. "popular pages", "users", "wanted pages", etc.). They're a great way to keep up with what's happening on this site. Category feeds are also now available. Please see [[Help:Newsfeeds]] for more information. ==OrthodoxWiki Images and Link buttons==Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Link buttons]]Moscow==See also==* [[meta:Conflicting_Wikipedia philosophies]]* [[w:Wikipedia:Wikiquette]]* [[w:Category:Wikipedia guidelines]]* [[w:Wikipedia:Assume good faith]] [[Category:OrthodoxWiki]]

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