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[[Image:StJohntheMercifulAlexander Nemolovsky2.jpg|100pxright|leftthumb|200px|Abp. Alexander (Nemolovsky) of Brussels]]Our father among His Eminence the saints ''Most Reverend Archbishop '''[[John the MercifulAlexander (Nemolovsky) of Brussels]]''''' was administrator and ruling archbishop of the North American [[patriarchdiocese]] of Alexandria between 611 and 619. The main source for his biography is a Life written by Leontius the [[Church of Russia]], then of Neapolis. John was born in Amathus on Cyprus c. 550 to the patrician EpiphaniusMetropolia, a governor during the time of the islandRussian Revolution of 1917 and 1922. He married then went to Europe and had children, but was a widower when he was called to become patriarch became Archbishop of Alexandria in 611, becoming the fifth Chalcedonian bishop of Alexandria to bear that nameBrussels.
John's remarkable almsgiving or mercy Abp. Alexander was administrator during the interregnum between the departure of Abp. [[Platon (''eleemosyne'' in GreekRozhdestvensky) in distributing of New York|Platon]] and and the vast wealth arrival of the Abp. [[patriarchateEvdokim (Meschersky) of the Aleutians|Evdokim]] of Alexandria and again when Abp. Evdokim returned to Russia for the poor and afflicted gave him his epithet 1917 council. He took part in the Karlovtsy Synod, where he was confirmed as primate of ''Merciful''the Metropolia in North America. His care But, the collapse of the Church in Russia meant that Alexander was not limited faced with many problems and enemies: loss of income from Russia, factionalism, and dissident priests. While the majority of the diocese remained loyal to him and supported his own flock in Alexandriabecoming the ruling archbishop, but extended his opposition was took great and he took the opportunity of Abp. Platon's return to the people of Palestine United States to request him to take over as ruling bishop, leaving for Europe in their sufferings1922.
He was forced to flee Alexandria by the Persian invasion of Egypt in 619Finding himself on [[Mount Athos]] for a time, Abp. Returning to Cyprus, he died soon thereafterAlexander then eventually went under Metr. A few years later much [[Evlogy (Georgievsky) of John's work of reconciliation with the Non-Chalcedonians of Egypt was undone by the violent persecution instituted by CyrusParis]], who was both had broken from the ROCOR and brought his successor Russian parishes in Western Europe under the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]]. Alexander served from 1929 until 1960 as patriarch as well as prefect Archbishop of Alexandria. John is commemorated in Brussels and Belgium, first under the [[Russian Orthodox Church on Exarchate in Western Europe]] ([[November 12Church of Constantinople]]) until 1946, then of the Moscow Patriarchate until his 1960 repose.
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